- Our Craft Beer -

We've made our own craft beers! Brewed in the traditional craft way, our master brewer has taken care of every aspect of production and uses a long fermentation process. Carbonation comes from its own fermentation. Filtration is natural, which intensifies the malt flavour. No additives of any kind are used. Imported malts and hops are of the highest quality and spring water from the Pyrenees ensures maximum purity.

OLHA our blonde ale; light and refreshing on the palate, with fruity notes and a mild bitterness of 25 IBUs, with 4.8% alcohol. It is very balanced, made from a blonde-style malt and a pilsner malt, and El Dorado and Summit hops.

SPARK our American IPA; citrus and tropical fuit notes, sustained bitternes of 58 IBUs, and light taste of flower hops.With 5,5% alcohol. Made of Pale and Caraclair malts. And Simcoe and Citra hops.


Craft and quality beers

You can choose from our selection of national and imported craft beers to go with your favourite burger. All of them have been made with care and respect for the traditional way of making beer, to bring out the most interesting flavours.

We also stock the world’s best-selling beers.